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Vinny Ventiera was born in Brooklyn and raised in Kings Park, New York. He first fell in love with the music industry by recording Hip-Hop, House, Classics, and Disco records off of local radio stations and testing his home made mix-tapes on friends and family. VINSANE’s one-of-a-kind song selection abilities, along with his raw mixing skills soon took him on the road to share his talents with club goers around the country at venues such as The Bank Night Club in Las Vegas, Providence Atlantic City, and Libation NY, to name a few.


VINSANE found his niche in House music with the unique ability to infuse Hip-Hop, Top 40, and other relevant genres into his Party Rocking sets. His customized, on-the-fly sets are tailored to meet the needs of each clientele. Vinny loves the feeling of knowing he is "Rocking the club" and seeing everyone enjoying their night. When the crowd is having a good time, so is he. With that, he keeps the vibe upbeat by playing distinctively different sets every time he gets in the booth. Vinsane’s current sounds encompass original mixes of House, Party breaks, Hip-Hop, Mash-ups, Electro, Rock, and with a love of 80's & 90's.


You will recognize Vinny Ventiera from ABC’s Hit shows The Bachelorette season 12, Bachelor in Paradise season 3, NBC's "Today Show," amongst other television appearances. He is consistently in the press with interviews on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and various publications. These opportunities have boosted Vinny VINSANE’s dj profile in a way that he never could have imagined.

VINSANE has orchestrated notable parties for countless celebrities and athletes. He has DJed for Designer Betsey Johnson’s Runway Shows, Grammy Nominated Producer Clinton Sparks, Puff Daddy, Fat Joe, Sean Kingston, Lil Jon, Kim Kardashian, Miami Heat's former Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem.


Vinny bridges the gap between different music styles by creating his own music and mashups. His ability to read the room and keep any dancefloor jumping shows that VINSANE is both an expert mixer and selector. His forte is making original songs sound more interesting for the audience while, still maintaining an element of familiarity. VINSANE is constantly diversifying his music repertoire and keeps himself him ahead of the game. 


VINSANE’s dj residencies include Salt 7 Delray Beach and Pangea Nightclub at Hard Rock Casino. He also performs regularly at and Shrine (Foxwoods), Gem (Boston), and KandyBar (Charlotte). With a full schedule and legions of followers. Vinsane continues to push ahead and throw his own brand of parties. '"WHY FOLLOW WHEN YOU CAN LEAD."


Whether on TV, or at the club, VINSANE delivers every time. Now accepting worldwide bookings. 

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