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DJ Kool

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Born and raised in Washington, D.C., DJ Kool’s early musical excursions came earning his stripes on the go-go and rap circuits, opening for the likes of Rare Essence during the early ‘80s. By 1988 the musician had begun recording his own material, heavily endowed by funk rhythms and block party vibes.


In 1992 DJ Kool signed with CLR Records and released the mini-album “20 Minute Workout” the same year. Recorded live in Richmond, Virginia, the album peaked at No. 84 on the U.S. R&B Charts, and spawned the singles “I Can Make You Dance” and “20 Minute Workout”.


Following the release of the single “I Got Dat Feeling” in 1995, Bowman signed with American Recordings who issued his most-successful single to date “Let Me Clear My Throat”. With sales of over half-a-million, the single peaked at No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart and paved the way for his second full-length album “Let Me Clear My Throat” released in April 1996. Earning widespread popular reviews and marking his first album to chart on the Billboard 200, DJ Kool embarked on a significant hiatus following the album’s release.

Kool still tours around the world and has been more focused on production obligations.  Over time he has built up an impressive client base including Will Smith and Mark Ronson.  Without a need for a hype man - it is clear DJ Kool is never going to be too old to rock a party!

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