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DJ and Drummer

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DJ and Drummer is a high energy group that merges the music of the DJ, with the live sounds and energy of drums. Their approach to performing is unique and creative, setting them apart from the crowd. 


Controlling the energy in a room and performing to the audience is what the duo loves to do. DJ and Drummer’s wide knowledge in music enables them to use every genre from Top 40, House, Hip Hop, in their sets. You can be assured that no two shows are the same, since they don’t come to a party with a pre-made set. They read the crowd, freestyle, and are able to seamlessly pick up what the other is about to do. The synergy between this duo is showcased in every one of their performances. 

They’ve played thousands of high profile events, making them the most experienced DJ and Drummer duo available. Everything from clubs and venues across the States, Australia, and China, to private events for names such as Michael Jordan, Microsoft, Ray Lewis, Subway, IBM, Gatorade, and Porsche. They love playing at a diverse mix of events, because it really allows them to showcase their vast knowledge and love for music.


The duo’s skills have allowed them to share the stage and open for names such as The Backstreet Boys, T-Pain, Usher, Journey, Matchbox Twenty, Stevie Wonder, Avicii, and Train. 

 Not only is their show incredible to listen to, but they also merge artistic visual elements into their performance. Using LED Drums,3D Mapping, Lighting, and Visuals that move with the music. 
DJ and Drummer brings an unparalleled level of creativity and energy with them into every performance. They deliver every time.

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