Irish Vi!!age


Presented by The DC Gaels - featuring:

  • Irish acts galore with fiddlers, dancers and more!
  • Shamrock Pub Games: Four seriously insane contests to show off your Irish spirit*, and…..
  • One McCrraaazzzzyyy Leprechaun!



Get ready for the Shamrock Pub Games, the most exciting "athletic competition" in the history of mankind – where competitors from around the globe compete in life-or-death battles which test their wits, athleticism and strength like never before. Or, to put it another way… Get ready for the Shamrock Pub Games, a ridiculous spectacle in which participants test their shame-level like never before - and everyone gets to admire some amazing kilted legs ;-)  But seriously, this is a blast, and there is some major cold hard cash, and other prizes on the line!

Round out your ShamrockFest day by competing in the Shamrock Games - it is FREE to compete. You can compete as an individual or get a “TEAM” together and try to win the Shamrock Cup. There's no better way to have fun, maybe win some cool cash and quite likely embarrass yourself in front of hundreds of fellow knuckleheads. Here's the skinny…

There Are Four Competitions:

  • Women’s Kilted Legs Competition
Individual Competition for Women.  Objective: Lasses proudly showcase their beautiful legs for an adoring audience…and try to get votes.
  • Men’s  Kilted Legs Competition
Individual Competition for Men.  Objective: Lads peacock on stage like buffoons, shamelessly courting votes for their “best legs.”
  • Green Balloon Partner Squeeze:
Two Person Teams (teams can be comprised of men, women or combination.) Objective:  Partners race through a course with a green balloon squeezed between the two of them. The fastest team through, without popping the balloon, wins. (We provide balloons to minimize cheating ;-)
  • Hula Hoop Contest:
The person who can hula the longest wins. It is THAT EASY!
* Schedule times will be released closer to the event date.


The Prizes: 

  • 1st Place winners in Mens & Women Kilted Legs Contests each win $100.  1st place finishers in all competitions win 2 VIP passes to SRF `15, and get 30 TEAM POINTS. 
  • 2nd Place finishers in all competitions win $25 and get 20 TEAM POINTS.
  • 3rd Place finishers in all competitions get 10 TEAM POINTS. 
  • TEAM TROPHY: The Shamrock Cup, a large, magnificent crystalish bowl, will be presented to TEAM with the most overall TEAM points. Anyone can form a TEAM, and have as many people on their TEAM as they like.  If someone places in a competition, they get TEAM points.  Those TEAM points get applied to that person's TEAM tally for scoring purposes.  Bottom line, grab some folks, form a team, compete and try to take home the Shamrock Cup



  • Participation in the Shamrock Pub Games is free for ShamrockFest guests.
  • All ShamrockFest Games registration will take place at ShamrockFest, at the Irish Village. Registration for each competition will end five minutes before the competition begins (or earlier if the bracket sheet is full.) Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Time schedule of competitions to be announced.
  • You may register to compete in as many competitions as you like. When you register to compete, if you do not have a full TEAM, we will partner you with others to form a complete TEAM. The TEAM with the most points at the end of all the competitions will receive the Shamrock Cup… and all bragging rights for a year.

Here is what some of leaders in the entertainment industry are saying:

“National ShamrockFest is Washington DC’s greatest festival, hands down!”
“ShamrockFest… America’s biggest Saint Patrick’s Day party…”
“…Shamrock Festival is one of the best live music festivals in the United States”

* All info on this site subject to change without notice.  Check back often for updates.

Latest News

March 14, 2014

Price will increase at any time.

Tickets selling at record pace.

VIP tix on pace to sell out soon.

March 13, 2014
We're stoked to have Yonas make a special appearance at SRF '14! A Billboard songwriting award winner, hits featured in major motion pictures, on MTVu and Fuse TV, Yonas has an unparalleled talent. You gotta see him live at ShamrockFest!

March 12, 2014
Click here for ShamrockFest's lineup!

March 09, 2014

ShamrockFest `14 is amping thing us... 

  • NEW - Extended hours: Now rock'n till 11:00pm
  • NEW - GLOW FACTOR: Get your green glow gear ready, cuz we're GLOW'N LATE NITE
  • NEW - Upgraded site: Shamrock Festival Gounds @ RFK stadium is better than ever 
  • NEW - Extreme Attractions: Zip Line, mechanical bull, mega slide, etc.
  • NEW - Improved beer selection: Yuengling Lager,  Guinness, Harp and Angry Orchard Cider  
  • NEW - Biggest corhole tournament in Mid-Atlantic

March 08, 2014

Thanks to the thousands that came out and made MEGA-Crawl such an amazing time.

Now that we are properly primed, it's time to gear up for the main event...

On March 22, DC turns green as ShamrockFest ROCKS like never before.


February 16, 2014

SRF is stoked to have Peet's Coffee and Tea as the Official Coffee at SRF`14!!

Just wait till you taste it at ShamrockFest. You will be amazed. New Peet's stores opening in DC area this year...  Look for them...  



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